Internet co-creator says U.S. broadband competition has ‘evaporated’

Vint Cerf, the legendary computer scientist who co-created the TCP/IP networking protocols that serve as the Internet’s foundation, isn’t afraid to speak out about controversial issues. And now Ars Technica reports that Cerf this week took aim at the state of competition for broadband services in the United States, which he said has “evaporated” since the days of dial-up. “I have to tell you that in the 1990s there were 7 or 8,000 Internet service providers because the Internet was provided through dial-up,” said Cerf, who currently works as Google’s (GOOG) Chief Internet Evangelist. “If you wanted to switch you just changed the telephone number you call. When broadband came along the number of choices you had telescoped down to one or two: either

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