Argo Medical refreshes ReWalk Rehabilitation exoskeleton

ImageRoughly two years after the launch of the ReWalk, Argo Medical Technologies is getting ready to refresh its assisted walking exoskeleton. The 2.0 version of the ReWalk’s Rehabilitation model made its debut today, sporting a new Rapid Exchange slider that makes it easier to size the device to fit wearers in the physical rehabilitation settings for which it was built, making it easier to use the device with a number of different patients. Also new is the Beginner Gait Mode — revamped software aimed to soften the learning curve for those new to the device. The Rehabilitation is one of two ReWalk models offered up by the company. Its counterpart, the ReWalk Personal, is, as its name implies, intended for home usage. That model is currently awaiting FDA approval here in the States. More info on the new exoskeleton can be found after the break in the form of a handy press release.

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ARGO Medical Technologies Unveils Advancement of its Exoskeleton Technology with Launch of ReWalk Rehabilitation 2.0

ARGO Medical Technologies has unveiled the newest generation of its ReWalk Rehabilitation exoskeleton that enables individuals with spinal cord injuries the ability to walk again. The 2.0 system is designed to make it easier to treat multiple individuals each day, it also has new software features that support beginner users and new sizing that allows each system to fit a broader range of patients.

ReWalk Rehabilitation 2.0 Highlights:


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