Editor’s Letter: More than a point release

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DNP Editor's Letter More than a point release

This week is Microsoft’s time to shine. Its Build conference, typically held later in the year, kicked off on Wednesday and along with it came a lot more about Windows 8.1 — which we thought we already knew plenty about, honestly. But there was more to learn, including a new milestone for the Windows Store: 100,000 apps. Well, almost 100,000 apps. Steve Ballmer said the store was “approaching” that number and has racked up “hundreds of millions” of downloads. A bit of a far cry from Apple’s 50 billion, but hey, it’s early days yet.

More interesting to me is the inclusion of native 3D-printing support in Windows 8.1. Good ‘ol 2D printers were certainly common before the traditional driver came into standard practice, but that market didn’t really take off until they effectively became plug and play. One could say it’s perhaps a bit early for that kind of native support to be needed in Windows for a 3D printer, but better too soon than too late.

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Editor’s Letter: More than a point release


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